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25 February 2009 @ 02:53 pm
I am currently sitting in the McKellar room, aka Western's movie theatre and home of the trough. Jesse is sitting beside me and illiterately spelling 'cupcake'. Much as she pronounces Thames, as Thaymes. Blech. Speaking of cupcakes, I feel the need to retell a magical adventure involving the evil King Sebastian and an eccentric bus driver.

It all began when Jesse decided she wanted a cupcake themed blog. This then led a google image search of cupcakes, which then led to us strongly wanting cupcakes. As a result we made a quick journey to the castle of Evil Sebastians, in which they only had cakes and squares, and no cupcakes. All was lost. Until I saw one of the geography TAs, Tristan. But he's not part of this story.

It was about 1:20, and we had class in an hour. So we cleverly devised a plan to run back to Alumni, get our bags and then bus to the Valu-Mart at Richmond and Oxford. We made it back to the bus stop in front of Sebastian's with a few minutes to spare. When the Richmond 6 came it was filled to capacity, but the bus driver, unlike those who just drive right past, yelled at everyone to make room. His encouragement was "Sit on people's laps. You might meet your future spouse back there." So Jesse and I squeezed on and stood precariously at the front of the bus as it sped down Richmond.

We got off at about quarter to two and ran over to the Valu Mart. Success! They had mini cupcakes. The person in front of us decided to pay for a 6 dollar item with a hundred dollar bill. This thus caused us to miss the first Richmond 6 heading back to Western.

Then a 'University' bus came. I'd never been on one so we weren't sure if it would go to Nat. Sci. Fortunately it did and thus our mission was successful. We dashed into 1200 with five minutes to spare (after grabbing milk at the UCC) and began to eat our amazing cupcakes. Several people looked at us strangely but they were most likely jealous of our skilfulness.
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20 February 2009 @ 03:02 pm

In similar fashion to that Facebook note where you list movie quotes and people guess what they're from, I thought I'd just write down some of the movies quotes which are most poignant in my mind, either because they relate to my own personality, or tell simple truths that we don't often think about, or because they just sound cool (see LotR).

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12 February 2009 @ 04:36 pm
I decided it was time to finally revitalize this blog. Of course, in all liklihood this mood is temporary, and a few months, weeks, days, or hours from now it will lay forgetten once again.

I deleted all old entries from the blog, because many of them were painful to read due to the immense awkwardness of the writing, and my Grade 10 thought process. If anyone wants to relive the horror, I saved them all in a Word Document which I can send to you.

As for the direction of this new blog. I'm thinking it will be shorter and more frequent, a la Perez Hilton. And just random things that I like, not the re-telling of events. And maybe include photography.